CEO Jeon Hong-joon “Preparing both FIFTY FIFTY and new girl group is ‘enjoyable concern'”

Girl group FIFTY FIFTY is undergoing a restructuring with new members, including Keena, while maintaining its existing 4-member format for the second generation

CEO Jeon Hong-joon shared thoughts on the restructuring of FIFTY FIFTY with 4 members through a phone interview with Star News on Nov 2nd. The group is focusing on reorganizing the second generation centered around Keena, who recently returned to the agency.

FIFTY FIFTY, which debuted in November 2022, achieved significant success by ranking as high as No.17 on Billboard’s main single chart “Hot 100” with the single “Cupid” within just 5 months of their debut. This achievement was especially noteworthy as the group was not from a major entertainment company but a smaller agency like Attrakt. They even gained the moniker “miracle of small and medium-sized companies”.

However, last June, the group faced a crisis when all four members submitted a request to the court to suspend the effect of their exclusive contracts, citing a loss of trust with the agency. Amidst conflicting claims, Attrakt pointed to The Givers’ CEO Ahn Sung-il as the mastermind behind the group’s lawsuit.

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The court ultimately denied the request, supporting Attrakt’s CEO Jeon Hong-joon. Subsequently, Keena returned to Attrakt, bringing forth a new chapter for the group. Public perception of Keena has shifted as it was revealed that Keena’s mother had made heartfelt comments stating that Keena had already decided to return to the company and had tried to persuade other members.

CEO Jeon Hong-joon stated that FIFTY FIFTY would be restructured as a 4-member group, including Keena, but emphasized that the restructuring process has not yet officially begun, and Keena is currently observing a period of self-discipline. Attrakt is currently working on launching a new girl group through a project in collaboration with JTBC, giving priority to this over reassembling FIFTY FIFTY.

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CEO Jeon Hong-joon expressed the importance of the new girl group project, stating that it should be the current focus. However, he also acknowledged the significance of FIFTY FIFTY’s nomination for the Billboard Music Awards and the opportunities it offers to showcase the agency’s IP on a global scale.

FIFTY FIFTY received nominations in the Top Duo/Group and Top Global K-Pop Song categories at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards, which is expected to be held online on Nov 19th (local time). CEO Jeon Hong-joon shared that he currently feels a “joyful burden” and described it as an “enjoyable concern” as he prepares both FIFTY FIFTY and a new girl group.

CEO Jeon Hong-joon further mentioned plans to meet a prominent songwriter in Los Angeles on Nov 16th.

Source: Daum

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