Jang Wonyoung suddenly screamed after receiving a birthday gift: “I’m not happy at all”

IVE member Jang Wonyoung’s reaction to a birthday present drew the attention of netizens.

On August 31st, IVE member Jang Wonyoung held a V-live to celebrate her birthday. However, as the female idol opened a gift from fans, she suddenly screamed, startling viewers.

Jang Wonyoung, who was holding the gift, which turns out to be a horror novel wrapped up cutely, then said: “What is this? I’m not happy at all. I can’t really withstand scary things, but I do know this series.”

Netizens, who saw the V-Live, found Jang Wonyoung’s “scaredy-cat” antics adorable, and started to write positive comments.

Below are some comments from netizens on the Korean forum ‘theqoo’:

  • She’s like an elementary school student, getting startled like that
  • Who packed a horror novel that cute? 
  • Jang Wonyoung, you are so adorable 
  • Sometimes we just can’t stand scary things 
  • Jang Wonyoung was so scared, she’s cute 
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