Kim Jong-kook: “Ji Suk-jin is always scolded by Yoo Jae-suk due to his poor adlib jokes”

Kim Jong-kook joked with Ji Seok-jin on “I Can See Your Voice 9”. 

On tvN’s entertainment program “I Can See Your Voice 9,” which aired on Feb 19th, M.O.M‘s members Onestein, Ji Seok-jin, and KCM appeared as guests.

I Can See Your Voice 9

On this day, Kim Jong-kook asked Ji Seok-jin, “Are you the M.O.M leader?” and when Ji Seok-jin replied, “I’m not the leader,” he said, “Why not? Are you lacking dignity?” he joked.

When embarrassed Ji Seok-jin said, “How can I be as lacking as you?” Kim Jong-kook joked once again, saying, “His ad-lib is weak today,” and Ji Seok-jin replied, “Would it be as weak as yours?”

Ji Seok-jin kim jong kook

Kim Jong-kook said, “Ji Seok-jin is always scolded by Yoo Jae-suk for his weak adlib jokes these days,” to which Ji Seok-jin claimed, “No one said the truth that they are weak at adlibs to someone who is weak at adlibs.”

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