aespa’s Karina misheard a reporter and suddenly did this pose at the premiere for “Confidential Assignment 2” 

While posing at the photo wall, Karina made a cute “mistake”. 

aespa’s Karina attended the VIP premiere of the movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International” held in Seoul on September 6th.

When Karina stepped up to the photo wall, numerous camera shutters exploded. Reporters continued to ask her to “look over here”, and Karina smiled brightly while posing for them. She was doing her hand greetings and giving hearts.

When a reporter shouted, “Left side,” Karina put her hand to her ear because she couldn’t hear well. She then suddenly did the “at ease pose” (a pose where you have your feet apart and hands behind your back) and innocently asked, “Are you telling me to do the at ease pose?”

Without knowing she misheard the reporter, after coming home from the premiere, Karina sent messages to fans on the messaging app Bubble, saying, “Why did they make me do the at ease pose at the photo wall? It’s funny now that I suddenly think about it. Is it a trend these days?” 

Source: wikitree

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