NewJeans’ Danielle Shares Heartfelt Reunion with Family in Australia on Sister’s Birthday

NewJeans’ Danielle went on vacation to Australia

On November 29, a vlog capturing Danielle’s trip to Australia was posted on NewJeans‘ official YouTube channel.

In the video, Danielle excitedly reveals her departure to Australia for a vacation. She shares, “Today happens to be my sister’s birthday. (With my mom) I’m preparing a surprise party, and I’m knitting a whale doll and baking a cake myself,” expressing her anticipation for the heartwarming reunion.

daniel newjeans

Danielle expresses, “Seeing my family is the most exciting and anticipated, and next is the beach. I really want to go to the beach. It would be amazing to go back to where I surfed when I was young in Australia. It feels strange.”

In the following videos, Danielle reunites with her family in Australia. She shares warm hugs with her grandparents. Her grandmother, moved to tears, embraces her. Danielle greets them, saying, “I wanted to surprise you.”

daniel newjeans

The next day, Danielle shares, “I’ve had the most sleep in my life. I slept so well. I think this is related. I was a bit tired after shopping all day yesterday, meeting family, and, most importantly, waking up to this,” as she lets the sound of birdsong play.

Danielle adds, “Lately, the weather here has been really dry, but it rained yesterday. Fortunately, it rained on the day we arrived. But even when it rained in Australia, I used to go out and feel the rain. Every time it rained, I jumped on the trampoline. It was fun because it felt like I was jumping higher when it rained.”

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