The only Korean “Red Power Ranger”: handsome and talented but fail to shine

Despite boasting outstanding visuals and decent skills, this Korean idol and actor failed to gain popularity. 

The Japanese “Super Sentai”, also known as “Power Rangers”, used to be a huge sensation all over the world, even in countries like the US and Korea. In fact, Korea has tried producing its own “Power Rangers” franchise called “Dino Force Brave”, and the “Red Power Ranger” in the series was once the talk of town. 

kim se yong

In particular, idol-actor Kim Se Yong was the one behind the Red Ranger Ju Yong, who is also the leader of the power ranger squad. At the time, Se Yong drew attention for his handsome and friendly visuals, as well as his natural acting. 

kim se yong

Unfortunately, “Dino Force Brave” is so far, also Kim Se Yong’s last brush with fame. In 2011, he debuted as a member of Kpop boy group Myname, which failed to flourish amid the highly competitive industry. To gain attention, the idol-actor also participated in the survival program “The Unit”, but the show was unable to boost him to stardom. 

kim se yong

In 2019, Kim Se Yong released a solo EP in Japan, but even this failed to succeed. Ever since, he has ceased activities and rarely makes public appearances. It seems that even with his looks and skills, the idol-actor still lacks a crucial element for the entertainment world – luck. 

kim se yong

Source: k14 

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