“Squid Game” Actor Picks BTS Jungkook’s “Standing Next To You” As Song That Gives Strength

Lee Jung-jae revealed himself as a fan of BTS’s Jungkook and expressed affection for the song “Standing Next To You”

On February 9th, the official YouTube channel of Artist Company uploaded a video titled “Song that gives you strength?”.

In the video, actors from Artist Company delivered their New Year’s greetings to fans. In particular, Lee Jung-jae chose Jungkook’s “Standing Next To You” as the song that made him feel stronger. He said, “It was released not long ago”.

lee jung-jae

The actor continued, “I hope everyone has a fulfilled and happy holiday. I guess I’ll be able to present to you two works this year”, adding “I filmed a lot last year, so I think I’ll have many opportunities to meet and talk with everyone in person this year. I’m very excited and looking forward to it”.

Earlier, actor Lee Je-hoon attended the 2023 MAMA Awards in Tokyo and pointed out Jungkook as the K-pop artist he’s paying attention to these days. He said, “He’s so cool that I want to follow him whenever I see him”. 

Jungkook’s title song “Standing Next to You” in his solo album “GOLDEN” entered Spotify’s Daily Top Song Global Chart in second place upon its release in November last year. His solo single “Seven (feat. Latto)” kept going up and down between No.1 and No.2 for three consecutive days then topped the chart on the 4th day.

“Standing Next to You” is a retro funk song that gives off the vibe of the 80s and stands out with Jungkook’s groovy vocal on the grand beat sound. With his successful solo debut, the BTS member has continued to prove his influence for a long time, such as ranking high on the US Billboard charts, even after he enlisted in the military in December last year. Jungkook will be discharged in June next year.

Source: Wikitree

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