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Jeon So Min shared how the production team of “Law of the Jungle” refused to cast her (“Running Man”)

Actress Jeon So Min recalled the situation at the time when she joined a meeting of the “Law of the Jungle” team.

In the latest episode of SBS entertainment program “Running Man,” which aired on Dec 18th, singers Juk Jae and BE’O appeared as guests and competed with the members.

running man

Ha Ha, Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan teamed up to make a fire in the yard. Ha Ha and Yang Se Chan made everyone laugh by jokingly making fun of Jeon So Min, who fail to make a fire properly.

Yang Se Chan then praised Ha Ha, saying, “Ha Ha is doing well among the campers,” while Ha Ha said back, “Se Chan will be able to survive alone if he appears on ‘Law of the Jungle’.”

running man

Yang Se Chan then responded, “I’ve been on that show. I’ve tried making a fire.” After hearing this, Jeon So Min frankly confessed, “I was kicked out after going to the meeting of ‘Law of the Jungle’. They said it was fine, they wouldn’t cast me.”

Ha Ha was surprised to hear that, saying, “So there are also cases like that,” and Yang Se Chan added, “I’m surprised that people can get kicked out of the show even after the meeting.”

running man

Source: Newsen

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