Sooyoung Reveals How She Rejected Man Asking For Her Number, “I’ve Been Dating For 10 Years”

Girls’ Generation’s Choi Soo-young talked about when a man asked for her number on the street

On December 14th, the YouTube content “Jo Hyun-ah’s Thursday Night” released a new video titled “Idol with 20 years of experience… reveals the story of being flirted with on the street”.

Sooyoung shared, “In Apgujeong, someone tried to pick me up. I think it was the beginning of this year or last year. Two young men… I think early 20s? They were walking towards me with their cellphone so I thought they wanted a picture with me so I was preparing to say hi. One said, ‘Hello… I don’t normally do this. It’s the first time in my life…’, so I said, ‘Oh yeah~ of course~’. I thought they were saying that it was their first time asking for a photo with celebrity. Then they said, ‘I’m sorry but if you don’t mind, can I get your number?’”. Since she was so surprised by the situation, Sooyoung took off her mask but the man continued asking for her number.

Sooyoung continued, “And another guy beside him was trying to help him by saying that it was really his first time asking someone for a number. I answered back, ‘Sorry, I have a boyfriend’. He was doubting that I’m just saying that to reject and he asked me how long I’ve been dating. It was so funny that I couldn’t believe it. So I replied, ‘Me? 10 years…’. I think the guy thought that I was rejecting with a joking manner. And he still asked me for a number so that maybe he could contact me when I post something like ‘men are all same’ in my Kakaotalk profile status message”, drawing laughter

She added, “If I say I’m SNSD Sooyoung, that guy will feel so embarrassed, or just in case he might say ‘Who?’. I was a bit worried about that then I kept saying sorry and he gave up”. Hearing the story, Jo Hyun-ah commented, “You’ve been in the industry for 20 years but if he never saw you, it means that person is in early 20s. You must have felt good”.

Meanwhile, Sooyoung debuted with Route 0 with the single “START” in 2002 then Girls’ Generation in 2004. She has been dating actor Jung Kyung-ho for 10 years.

Source: Nate

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