Song Written By IU’s Ex-boyfriend Surpassed Her Whole Album On Melon

The song "Bam Yang Gang" by singer BIBI recently surpassed IU’s comeback songs on Melon.

The album “The Winning” released on February 20 marked IU’s comeback after 3 years. This album is expected to conquer Korean music charts as IU has always known to be Korea’s digital queen.

However, since its release, two of the songs in the album, “Holssi” and “Shopper,” have always lost to BIBI’s song “Bam Yang Gang” on Melon, Korea’s biggest music chart. After only 4 days, “Bam Yang Gang” even surpassed the most popular song in IU’s album, “Love Wins All,” whose MV featured BTS’ V, on Melon. The song successfully reached a Real-time All Kill thanks to this.

In addition, fans are even more shocked to find out “Bam Yang Gang” was composed by IU’s ex-boyfriend Jang Kiha, who is now BIBI’s rumored boyfriend. He also starred in the MV of the song with BIBI.

Jang Ki Ha
Jang Kiha

Meanwhile, many people say that the song “Bam Yang Gang” has more of an IU vibe than IU’s recently released album. Others raise suspicions of sajaegi (music chart manipulation) due to the song’s unexpected achievement.

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