People can’t sympathize with celebrities’ debts due to their enormous salary and real estate speculation scandal

The difference in wealth between well-known celebrities and non-celebrities is huge. Many industry insiders revealed that the monthly salary of office workers is just an hour’s pay for celebrities. 

The public usually sighs when they see some celebrities do dirty media by constantly talking about their debt and loan interest despite having the amount of money normal people cannot easily touch. Their debts are not for living and surviving, but for investments in homes, real estate, and businesses.    

Of course, the criteria for “hard/exhausting” varies from person to person, so they can feel exhausted as well. But debt is also an asset. It doesn’t make sense to own a building and live in billions won worth of apartments and worry about debt. Their “complaint” about debts while making profits has turned “debt” into just a broadcasting concept. Their realities have no such thing as “the pain of debt.”  


Jang Young Ran, an entertainer who married Han Chang, an oriental medicine doctor, said she was in debt due to the opening of her husband’s oriental medicine hospital. She said, “I owe 2.2 billion won due to hospital operating funds. I opened the hospital with our house as loan collateral. If the hospital goes bankrupt, our house will be transferred. It’s been a year since the hospital opened, but we still cannot pay back even 1,000 won,” she said.  

2.2 billion won in debt may be surprising, but the public is not interested. Their Mok-dong apartments, which were put up as collateral by Jang Young Ran and her husband, are worth 1.6 billion to 3.5 billion won depending on the number of apartments, and Pyeong-myeon, which is known to be inhabited by Jang Young-ran’s family, is worth 2.6 billion won.  

Jeong Ju Ri, who recently boasted that she had “purchased her own house” which is an apartment with a Han River View, also complained that her debt was accumulated due to bank loan interest. However, she soon complained of her bank debt later, saying, “We couldn’t pay the deposit because we haven’t found a tenant for our existing house, and I got a loan with a lot of interest.”  

Singer Rain also complained while producing the boy group Cypher, saying, “I lost an amount that is worth the price of a house.” It may be possible that he has invested hundreds of millions of won into an idol, but K-pop fans did not even give the group a glance. However, Rain’s real estate assets alone, known to the public, exceed 100 billion won. Rain and Kim Tae Hee, who are suspected of real estate speculation, have made tens of billions of won in profits from real estate.  

Rain Kim tae hee

People used to sympathize with celebrities when they confessed their stories or hidden private life that were not as happy as expected. However, from some point on, celebrities’ complaints do not gain trust or empathy from non-celebs anymore.  

Many have heard of their hundreds, tens of millions of won in performance fees and event fees. In addition, as suspicions of real estate speculation by celebrities were revealed, they began to give a cold shoulder to the celebrities’ debt issue. Many celebrities, including actors and singers, have increased their assets by purchasing tens of billions of buildings using bank loans, which is easier due to their name, and then reselling them to earn capital gains. Knowing these circumstances clearly, the debt of celebrities are not seen as pretty as it used to be in the past. 

Source: Daum

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