G-Dragon “Have no connection with entertainment venue female manager, legal action X”

G-Dragon’s agency distanced itself from the “female manager” who was implicated in the recent drug controversy in the entertainment industry

On Dec 21st, a press conference was held at the JW Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom in Seocho-gu, Seoul, where Galaxy Corporation, which signed an exclusive contract with G-Dragon, addressed G-Dragon’s drug investigation conclusion.

Executives from Galaxy Corporation emphasized that G-Dragon has no connection with the “female manager” and stated that they would not pursue legal action against her.

Galaxy Corporation also expressed their intention to focus on addressing more significant social issues rather than blaming individuals.

G-Dragon recently received a “non-suspicion” disposition from the police regarding drug use.

He will take a lead in anti-drug activities, including establishing a foundation in 2024.

Source: Daum

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