Song Kang exudes chemistry with Kim Yoo Jung on the set of “The Uncanny Counter: Counter Punch”

Song Kang is paired up with Kim Yoo Jung in the second season of “The Uncanny Counter”.

Following “Nevertheless”, Song Kang and Han So Hee have been wrapped up in nonstop dating rumors. When Son Kang moved on to work in “Forecasting Love and Weather”, the rumors went on strongly as ever, despite his chemistry with Park Min Young. 

song kang han so hee

However, things start to change when a recent series of photos were released. In one photo, Song Kang was facing Kim Yoo Jung. In the next, they were seen holding hands. In the pictures, Song Kang was wearing a dark-toned suit while Yoo Jung was in a white dress with a black jacket on top. The pair seems to be filming for an outdoor scene for “The Uncanny Counter: Counter Punch”. 

In the released images, fans were overwhelmed by the chemistry of the pair, expressed through their sweet gestures and glances. It seems that the couple will have more precious moments to look forward to.

song kang han so hee

Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung will appear in “The Uncanny Counter: Counter Punch”. It is a fantasy, mystery thriller drama. It is penned by Yeo Ji Na, Yoo Seon Dong, and Kim Sae Bom.

Source: saostar 

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