Jo Kwon once received a package and it turned out to be a special gift from actress Kim Hye-soo

Singer Jo Kwon revealed the special gift he received from actress Kim Hye-soo.

The broadcast of KBS2’s entertainment program “Godfather”, which aired on May 17th, showed Gabee’s friend visiting “Godfather” Kang Joo-eun.

Jo Kwon Kim Hye-soo

Kang Joo-eun was really surprised to see Jo Kwon’s high heels dance. Jo Kwon explained, “I’m a high heels lover. I feel more confident wearing them. It feels like the lights are on and I become a superhero for a moment.”

Jo Kwon Kim Hye-soo

He continued, “Since the fact that I like high heels became known to other people, actress Kim Hye-soo even gave heels as a gift”. Kang Joo-eun exclaimed, “What a precious gift”.

Jo Kwon Kim Hye-soo

Jo Kwon said, “Hye-soo sunbaenim likes to see me wear high heels and dance in high heels. She’s one of the people who support me. I opened the package that arrived in front of my house and saw 4-5 pairs of heels. They are all kill heels… really high. Sunbaenim gave me courage”, showing his affection for Kim Hye-soo.

Jo Kwon Kim Hye-soo

Jo Kwon expressed his belief, saying, “I believe that fashion has no gender. I’m not unusual. I’m a special person”. He added, “I feel confident and happy when wearing heels.”

Source: Wikitree

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