TREASURE Member Allegedly Curses at Fan at Airport

TREASURE members traveled to Japan in February for the “2024 TREASURE TOUR [REBOOT] IN JAPAN.” A video, purportedly featuring member Jihoon, was recorded after the group went through customs at the airport.

In the video, a security guard can be heard saying, “Move aside, clear the way,” and a fan’s hand can be seen reaching out towards the members. Additionally, Jihoon is heard muttering, “아이씨…” (Ahssi) – similar to “Ugh” in response. However, given Jihoon’s tone, this could be interpreted as cursing.

When the video circulated on Weibo, it immediately sparked heated debate. Many netizens defended the fan and criticized Jihoon:

treasure jihoon
  • “Why is she labeled a sasaeng fan just because of this photo taken after the group got off the plane? It’s truly a skewed perspective.”
  • “Those saying that fans taking photos of idols after they get off the plane or at the airport are sasaeng fans shouldn’t repost airport photos from fansites. Have you thought about where these photos were taken?”
  • “Only fools never go to the airport to welcome new idols and instead consider airport fans as sasaeng fans.”
  • “If it were a female idol saying ‘Ahssi,’ you wouldn’t be so lenient. You’d be the first to call her ‘Ahssi.'”
  • “His true character is showing. Because he doesn’t care, you’re free to escape from being a fan.”
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