The reason why Cube still does not kick (G)I-DLE Soo Jin out

The company does not want to lose a large international fan base and also believes that Soo Jin ((G)I-DLE) is innocent.

Cube has always believed that Soo Jin was innocent despite the series of accusations

LeSince the accusations of Soo Jin being a school bully broke out, Cube has always released announcements that show their absolute confidence in the (G)I-DLE member.  They asserted: “It is just baseless rumors. These allegations are only unilaterally made by people claiming to be victims, they are completely untrue”. Cube also added that: “We will take legal action against the lies that are spreading and will issue an official statement soon.”

It can be seen that despite a series of evidence from the victim and pressure from the public, Cube always believes in Soo Jin.  Cube even sent the incident to the police for investigation without eliminating Soo Jin. Known as a company that does not regularly act to protect artists, Cube was suddenly praised by (G)I-DLE’s fans when asking fans to gather negative rumors to handle them.

Before that, the company kicked Hyuna and E’Dawn out after the couple revealed their dating story.  However, in Soo Jin’s case, Cube was patient, resisting public pressure to keep her in the group.  Fan thinks that perhaps the company holds evidence for Soo Jin’s innocence, so they resolutely protect this female idol, despite (G)I-DLE being affected.

Soo Jin is the member with the best dancing skills in (G) I-DLE

(G)I-DLE is famous for her magical, powerful concept and quality songs thanks to the talent of leader So Yeon.  However, in terms of performance talent, the group is often judged as not really outstanding.  The performance of Shu Hua, Mi Yeon is not attractive, So Yeon is criticized for having “overdoing” offensive expressions.

Soo Jin is the member who possesses the best dancing skills (G)I-DLE.  Her fancam is always leading the view, viral on social networks.  The female idol possesses a seductive body, attractive curves, and flexible artistic dance moves.  Her appearance made the overall performance of (G)I-DLE more prominent.

If Soo Jin left the group, the other members’ skills were not enough to fill the void.  While (G)I-DLE is currently Cube’s most successful group, the company does not want to push the top talented member in the group out. 

The company did not eliminate Soo Jin because they do not want to lose a large international fan base

The Korean public has boycotted Soo Jin. However, international fans still expressed their trust and assumed that (G)I-DLE must be full of 6 members.  On Twitter, many comments criticized the accusers as “liars” that deliberately undermined the career of the female idol. They still support (G)I-DLE’s products with a full 6-person lineup and wait for the truth to be clarified.

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Currently, Kpop groups are increasingly famous in the international market.  The number of foreign fans has no less influence than Korean fans. They can stream music, buy albums, or attend concerts.  (G) I-DLE has a different, unique concept and has many foreign members, so the number of international fans is huge.  Cube does not want to lose this potential. Therefore, there is no decision to push Soo Jin out but just wants to save the situation and hold on to foreign fans.

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