Park Bom uploaded an ambiguous post on SNS, “That’s true…”, is it because of 2NE1 CL’s confession?

While CL’s confession about being informed of 2NE1’s disbandment through media news is causing a stir among netizens, another 2NE1 member – Park Bom released an ambiguous post.

CL Park Bom

On December 17th, Park Bom posted a picture of a teddy bear on her Instagram and wrote, “That’s true…”. Without mentioning anything special about the current situation, Park Bom deleted her post shortly after uploading it.

Park Bom instagram

Earlier in a recent interview with AP Entertainment, when CL was asked about Gong Min-ji’s remark saying she knew 2NE1 would disband after reading articles, she confessed, “To be honest, the same thing happened to me”. Recalling when she heard the news of 2NE1’s disbandment, CL said, “It was so heartbreaking”.

Because of this, netizens’ attention is focused on whether Park Bom’s comment, saying “That’s true”, is related to CL’s confession or not.

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