Kep1er’s positions according to Dispatch spark a fierce debate: Why do only 5 members have their positions confirmed? 

The matter regarding Kep1er’s official positions is still unsettled. 

Kep1er, the rookie girl group formed through Mnet’s survival show Girls Planet 999 did not announce the members’ official positions right after their debut. Aside from Chaehyun, who automatically became the center as she ranked 1st place in the finale, the positions of the rest of Kep1er remained unanswered until recently. 

Kep1er did not announce its members’ official positions right after their debut

On March 14, on behalf of Kep1er’s agency, Dispatch confirmed the group’s official positions through an article. Accordingly, the positions of the members are as follows:

  • Chaehyun: Center, Main vocalist 
  • Yujin: Leader
  • Mashiro: Co-leader 
  • Dayeon: Main dancer 
  • Shen Xiaoting: Lead dancer

As can be seen, although Kep1er has 9 members, only 5 of them have their positions confirmed in Dispatch’s article. Netizens are confused as the positions of the remaining 4 members including Huening Bahiyyih, Hikaru, Youngeun and Yeseo are still unannounced.  

The positions of Yujin, Dayeon, Chaehyun, Mashiro, and Shen Xiaoting were revealed by Dispatch
But what about Bahiyyih, Hikaru, Youngeun and Yeseo?

Specifically, netizens wonder why Dispatch confirmed Kep1er’s main vocalist and main dancer but left out two other important positions, main rapper and visual. Positions like lead or sub vocalist/rapper did not appear either. The only lead position that was included is Shen Xiaoting’s lead dancer position, causing netizens to suspect Xiaoting of getting preferential treatment from not only the company but also Dispatch. 

Another thing that bothers netizens is that Hikaru and Youngeun, two members famous for their great dancing skills, were not confirmed to be part of the dance-line. 

youngeun kep1er
hikaru kep1er
… and Hikaru are both great dancers but are not named as main or lead dancer

In addition, this article of Dispatch has once again confirmed Kep1er’s center. Although Chaehyun was announced to be the group’s official center by Girls Planet 999’s PD and Korean media outlets several times, Shen Xiaoting, who only ranked 9th in the final lineup, was the one who stood in the center at the ending of performances and in some group photos. This resulted in a fierce controversy and caused the company to face criticism for alleged biased treatment when Kep1er first debuted.

chaehyun kep1er
The center controversy between Chaehyun…
xiaoting kep1er
… and Shen Xiaoting lasted for months following Kep1er’s debut 

The ambiguity of the company has led to unnecessary fan war within Kep1er’s fandom. Although groups coming out of survival shows usually have more solo fans than fans of the whole group, it’s still rare for a fandom to be this disunited.

Some netizens’ comments:

  • Wake One deliberately did not announce Kep1er’s official positions from the beginning to push Shen Xiaoting. Chaehyun’s center position has already been confirmed by the show’s PD, end of discussion. 
  • Wake One needs to stop messing with the official positions. Shen Xiaoting did nothing wrong, don’t make other members’ fans hate her. 
  • Youngeun and Hikaru are both all-rounders but still have no official positions? Not even lead dancers? Also, who is the main rapper? 
  • Dispatch confirmed the lead dancer but not the main rapper? What is this nonsense? Why are they being selective?
  • So Kep1er doesn’t have a visual, main rapper, or lead vocal? Why is only the lead dancer announced? 
shen xiaoting
Shen Xiaoting is suspected of receiving a biased treatment 
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