Song Joong Ki’s Style at Louis Vuitton Event Under Scrutiny, Netizens’ Take on Celeb Looks

At the recent Louis Vuitton event in Hong Kong, the spotlight was on the Men’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection by creative director Pharrell Williams

While stars like Song Joong Ki, Wang Hedi, and Gong Jun turned heads, netizens had mixed reactions to their outfits.

Stray Kids’ Felix rocked a sophisticated all-black look, showcasing a lustrous face and a striking hairstyle.
wang hedi
Wang Hedi made waves with a daring outfit featuring vibrant red accessories, a unique braided hairstyle, and distinctive eyewear.
gong jun
Gong Jun won hearts with his princely appearance in a neutral-toned black ensemble, paired with a monogrammed leather jacket and boots, reflecting the brand’s color.

Netizens left comments: 

  • Song Joong Ki’s outfit looks a bit off, and those shoes just don’t seem to work. Wang Hedi killed it, and Gong Jun is handsome.
  • Song Joong Ki seems to age backward; his naturally tan skin is captivating, but the outfit is a bit too understated
  • Song Joong Ki’s outfit is quite picky, more fitting for someone super tall with broad shoulders to really pull it off.
  • In this outfit, Song Joong Ki appears shorter than usual, and those wide shorts give off a skirt-like vibe.
  • Not really feeling Song Joong Ki’s style
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