Song Joong-ki Revealed His Son Has His Lips+Being Full Of Happiness Raising The Son With His Wife

Actor Song Joong-ki recently delivered his latest status and the behind-the-scenes story of the movie “Hopeless.”

Song Joong-ki appeared on the latest episode of JTBC’s show “Newsroom,” which aired on October 15..

In this episode, Song Joong-ki was asked, “When you see your child growing up, do you keep looking for his features that resemble you?” In response, Song Joong-ki said, “Of course I do. First of all, I’ve been hearing that his lips resemble mine the most. So I keep looking at his lips more closely, but when I hear that, I feel very good and amazed, and I still feel dazed.

When asked how it was to raise a child, he answered, “I think I am doing well together with my wife, very bravely,” adding, “But I think it’s a very proud thing. So I’m very happy these days.”

Song joong ki

Earlier, Song Joong-ki drew attention after it was reported that he appeared in the movie “Hopeless” without being paid. Regarding this, Song Joong-ki explained the reason for his decision, “The script has the charm of a dark and independent movie, and if the production cost increases, it doesn’t matter if it’s necessary, but I think it was a little burdensome to have an action scene or a car-chasing scene.

song joong ki newsroom

Finally, Song Joong-ki said about his goal as an actor, “I want my acting spectrum to be a little wider,” adding, “I’ll become an actor who makes you look forward to.”

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