“Running Man” Kim Jong-kook threatens Yang Se-chan and Ji Seok-jin, causing controversies over excessive concepts on the show

Some viewers responded that they were uncomfortable with Kim Jong-kook’s excessive concept in the recent broadcast of “Running Man”.

SBS’s “Running Man”, which aired on June 5th, was made under the theme “Stock investment geniuses”, and the first mission was “Private lesson for employees”. Ha Ha and Song Ji-hyo joined Kim Jong-kook’s + side and they began to study ahead of the quiz battle. However, when Yoo Jae-seok’s team got the right answer and took the lead, Kim Jong-kook began to make unnecessary complaints. He also slapped and threatened his opponents. In another scene, he approached Ji Seok-jin and kicked the chair next to him.

Running Man

After the broadcast, a number of comments criticizing Kim Jong-kook’s behaviors were posted on the online community theqoo and under “Running Man” video clips.

Running Man

In fact, a netizen uploaded a video related to “Running Man” with the title “Many people are showing negative reactions for Kim Jong-kook in this scene of today’s Running Man broadcast” and commented, “I think the gangster concept is quite excessive”.

Running Man

In response, another netizen agreed, saying “The members are close to each other, but to the viewers, teasing the Ji Seok-jin, the oldest member, like that is too excessive. When Lee Kwang-soo was still in the show, he (Kim Jong-kook) annoyingly grabbed Lee Kwang-soo and teased him many times. Since Kwang-soo left, I think he has changed his target to Ji Seok-jin.”

Other Internet users commented, “If they do that on entertainment programs, efforts to prevent violence will be ruined”, “Many people are so annoyed with that concept. Shouldn’t they refrain from doing excessive concepts?”, etc.

Running Man

On the other hand, there were fans who defended Kim Jong-kook, saying “I’m tired of such talks about violence. Don’t watch the show if you feel uncomfortable”, “Why are you guys being so serious when watching a variety show?”, “So how did you endure the ‘Squid Game’ parody?”, etc. 

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