Song Joong-ki causes laughter as he thinks of his 8-month-old son “He’s driving me crazy”

Actor Song Joong-ki revealed his "doting father" side

On March 5th, announcer Lee Geum-hee posted a video featuring Song Joong-ki on her YouTube channel “My Geum-hee”.

That day, Lee Geum-hee attended the press conference for the movie “My Name Is Loh Kiwan”. Lead actor Song Joong-ki appeared later and greeted Lee Geum-hee, “Thank you so much for coming. I really wanted to see you too.”

song joong ki

When Lee Geum-hee congratulated him on his son’s birth, Song Joong-ki smiled and said, “Thank you. It’s been just over 8 months now.” To Lee Geum-hee’s comment “How cute must he be“, Song Joong-ki caused laughter by saying, “He’s driving me crazy.”

Lee Geum-hee then praised the film “My Name Is Loh Kiwan”, saying it was excellent.

song joong ki

Lee Geum-hee commented, “It was so good. Isn’t it unfair to be both talented and good-looking?” She then admired Song Joong-ki’s expansion of his acting repertoire. Lee Geum-hee successfully concluded the press conference, garnering attention.

Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki remarried British actress Katy Louise Saunders in January last year and welcomed their son in Rome in June of the same year.

He also returned with Netflix’s movie “My Name Is Loh Kiwan”. It revolves around Loh Kiwan (Song Joong-ki), a North Korean defector who is desperately trying to get approved as a refugee in Belgium, and Marie (Choi Sung-eun), a Korean-Belgian who is a former shooting athlete who has lost her will to live. It was released worldwide on Netflix on March 1st.

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