The visual class of Girls’ Generation Seohyun, who got prettier after becoming an actress

Girls’ Generation member-actress Seohyun exuded her refreshing vibe through a pictorial.

In the blue-colored pictorial, Seohyun wore a light sky blue dress and showed her unique transparent and clear image.

snsd seohyun instagram

A brand official said, “The pictorial was born in which Seohyun, a muse with pure and clean image, stood out.”

snsd seohyun instagram

Meanwhile, actress Seohyun will play the role of Seul-bi, the goddess who jumped out of the world to lift the curse, in the fantasy romance drama “Jinx’s Lover”, which is scheduled to be released on June 15th.

In particular, in August, she will make a comeback with Girls’ Generation after 5 years to celebrate the group’s 15th debut anniversary.

snsd seohyun instagram

Source: insight

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