Why are BLACKPINK called top models and YouTube queens?

BLACKPINK’s massive success has long extended to the model and YouTube industry. 

Officially debuted in August 2016, BLACKPINK is now among the most popular and influential Kpop girl groups as of the moment. Most noticeably, the group’s success is not just limited to music, but also extends to the fashion and YouTube world. 

All 4 members of BLACKPINK are now familiar names in the fashion world. 

The queens of fashion

With their unique vibes and personalities, the four members of BLACKPINK quickly dominate the fashion world. Up till now, they are still the only Kpop group to have all members be ambassadors for luxury brands. 

All 4 members of BLACKPINK are ambassadors for big fashion brands.

In March 2019, Jennie was named the Global Ambassador of Chanel. The brand then sent Jennie onto various prestigious magazine covers, and even invited her to important fashion events like Paris Fashion Week. 

Ever since her debut, Jennie’s fashion sense has caught the eyes of many people, who call the idol the “Human Chanel”


With her elegant and chic charisma, Jisoo made her fans proud after earning the title of Global Ambassador for the luxury brand Dior. The idol then appeared continuously on fashion magazines, and the CEO of Dior even promised to have Jisoo’s back should the idol ever leave YG

Jisoo was the muse for Dior’s 2011 Fall Collection, designed by the brand’s creative director himself. 

The younger members of BLACKPINK, Rosé and Lisa, also do not fall behind, eventually becoming the Global Ambassadors of Yves Saint Lauren and Celine, respectively. 

Rosé is the first celebrity to be named YSL’s global ambassador in 59 years. 
Lisa is Celine’s first ever global ambassador – a true testament to the idol’s style. 
Lisa was full of confidence in front of the camera lens. Her outfit was simple but still accentuated her tall physique and high-fashion vibe. She is loved by Celine as Lisa is now the muse of Hedi Slimane, the creative director of this fashion brand.
Lisa is the first to become Celine’s global ambassador. 

Alongside their titles, BLACKPINK is also called top models for their continuous appearances on the covers of fashion magazines, both on the Korean and international editions. Jennie and Jisoo, in particular, have been cover girls for all 6 biggest fashion magazines. Meanwhile, Rosé and Lisa are total sold-out queens, with no magazine issues of them ever left over on the shelf. 

BLACKPINK are familiar faces on magazine covers. 
Jisoo showed off her visuals on all the biggest players in the fashion world. 

Along with Jisoo,  Jennie is the only other Kpop idol to have appeared on all 6 biggest fashion magazines. 

Rosé’s physique on Harper’s Bazaar was simply jaw-dropping
Lisa looked all chic as the cover girl of Vogue. 

According to fans, BLACKPINK is the first and only Kpop group to ever appear on a total of 77 Elle covers, which are published in 11 different nations.


The queens of YouTube

Fashion is not the only land BLACKPINK dominates, and the group has broken various records on YouTube as well. All of their MVs received outstanding viewers, and they are among the most-watched artists in the world.

All of their MVs receive remarkable numbers of views. 

BLACKPINK is also considered YouTube queens. 

At the moment, BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel is the biggest in Kpop with over 73.8 million subscribers and 6 videos with over 1 billion views. Their other MVs are no less outstanding, with view counts all surpassing 300 million. 

The views on all of BLACKPINK’s MVs are astonishing. 

On April 27, the group dance performance video for “How You Like That” even surpassed the official MV, with over 1 billion views. 

BLACKPINK is undefeated on both the fashion and YouTube battleground. However, for the past 1 year and 6 months, they mostly focus on solo activities, leaving their fans in high anticipation for a full lineup comeback. 

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