BTS Jimin’s name was embedded on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

The intense support from the ARMYs is something that can’t be ignored. Recently, an ARMY even paid for Jimin’s name to be engraved on the infamous Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

On September 5th, a “hardcore” fan of the phenomenon boy group BTS, named Mighty J, uploaded a picture of Jimin‘s name embedded on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. When asked about the authenticity of the image, Mighty J said she had paid $30,000 just to put Jimin up there and she went to Hollywood by herself to do that for her idol.

This fansite master is also a very popular fan in the ARMY community in Korea so what she shared was all reliable to the ARMYs. Millions of fans around the world were shocked by the ARMY’s dedication to BTS.

As known, the Hollywood Walk of Fame comprises more than 2,600[1] five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars that are permanent public monuments to achievement in the entertainment industry. It bears the names of a mix of actors, musicians, directors, producers… including Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, The Rock…

It is known that fans can spend money to engrave their idols’ name here, but the name inscribed must meet certain rules set by Hollywood, including being active for at least 5 years in the entertainment industry, and Jimin totally meets up with this standard.

Coming from Big Hit entertainment, which was an unpopular agency and even once stood on the verge of bankruptcy due to debt, BTS has made a big turning point to change the situation of the company. From an anonymous group, BTS has now made the whole Kpop world astonish by achieving a series of Daesangs from MAMA to conquer the Billboard. Those who have despised the seven boys are now definitely surprised when the group now has a member’s name lying next to the world’s legendary stars in the Walk Of Fame.

Source: Yan News

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