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Song Ji-hyo reveals her ideal type that is completely different from Kim Jong-kook’s image, “I prefer someone who is chubby like Winnie the Pooh”

Song Ji-hyo appeared on “Tteokboki Brothers” and confessed that her ideal type is the opposite of Kim Jong-kook.

Actress Song Ji-hyo appeared as a guest on MBC Every1’s “Tteokboki Brothers”, which aired on the evening of May 10th. On the broadcast, when Lee Yi-kyung asked, “Kim Jong-kook has never made your heart flutter? Really?”, Song Ji-hyo replied, “I like the style that is completely different from Jong-kook oppa” adding, “Perhaps I prefer someone who has a chubby appearance like Winne the Pooh”.

Song Ji-hyo

At this point, Kim Jong-min suddenly showed his belly and said, “So that’s me”. He added, “Just wait a few more weeks”, drawing laughter.

Song Ji-hyo

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo recently drew attention as she revealed her opinion on getting married. The actress said, “I have never drawn a line with anyone”, adding, “I’m the kind of person who pursues natural encounters. I don’t want to meet a man just for marriage”.

Source: Daum

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