Sanha’s Heartfelt Message to Moonbin: ‘If You Become a Cat, Please Appear in Front of Me One Day’

ASTRO’s Sanha expresses his longing for his late bandmate, Moonbin

This morning, Sanha uploaded a cover of the song ‘Neko’ by DISH// at 01:26 KST (commonly referred to as ‘Moonbin’s time’ by AROHA, as his birthday falls on January 26th), along with a heartfelt message in the description:

“The first time I listened to this song, tears fell from my eyes. I felt like the song was expressing my own feelings. That’s why I wanted to try singing it. Me, my family, the members, and all our AROHA friends, we will all be happy. That’s for sure.”

A few months ago, Sanha also shared on the fancafe that he was listening to the song ‘Neko’ (which means Cat) by DISH//. Moonbin’s nickname is 멍냥이 (a puppy cat), and in the letter that Sanha wrote to Moonbin in the memorial area, there was an illustration of a cat.


In the video accompanying the cover, Sanha handwrote the entire song lyrics in both Japanese and Korean. Originally, the original lyrics used the term ‘君’ (Kimi) to refer to the second person as ‘you.’ However, when covering it, Sanha changed this term to ‘ヒョン’ (hyung/형) in the final part of the song. This part of the lyrics became:

“If you were an abandoned cat,
I would embrace you in my arms.
If you were hurt, I would heal your wounds
And give you all the warmth I can.
I remember you… I can’t forget you.
Even if you become a cat, please appear.
One day… please suddenly appear in front of me.
I will be happy again, for sure.”

And one scene remains in the final part of this cover video: The number 1 remains unchanged in ASTRO’s group chat room (because one person cannot read these messages).

Rocky also posted 2 stories showing photos of a gathering with MJ, Jinjin, and Sanha, along with the caption:
“MJ ❤️”

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