LE SSERAFIM Criticized for Indecent Clothes and Provocative Dancing in a Church 

The action of wearing sexy outfits and dancing of LE SSERAFIM is considered as insensitive in a religious institute like a church.

On February 20, after the MV for LE SSERAFIM’s latest title song, “EASY”, was released, a netizen mentioned the fact that the girl group filmed their MV in a church. 

According to said netizen, the way LE SSERAFIM was dressed, the dance, and the music were all disrespectful. In particular, the members can be seen wearing crop-tops, hot pants, and see-through outfits, while dancing sexily – actions that can be considered indecent, especially considering that the filming location is a religious institute for Christianity. 

Many others also agree with the claim, and the original criticism quickly attracts thousands of likes and millions of views. 

On top of this, alongside the church, the MV also features elements of Christianity such as nuns, thorn crowns, and the symbol for LE SSERAFIM also draws criticisms for looking like a Christianity symbol with a heart, fire, and an arrow stabbing across them.

Some also accused LE SSERAFIM of trying to turn their religion into an aesthetic, pointing out that even the group name is a derivative from the Christianity term “le seraphim”. 

Previously, Sabrina Carpenter and her MV for “Feather” also faced similar criticisms, leading to the priest that approves of her filming to lose his position. According to the priest, he was unaware of the “provocative dancing”. 

On the other hand, some fans are defending LE SSERAFIM, citing that the “Easy” MV was filmed at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in California, which has been used for various other MVs such as My Chemical Romance’s “Helena” and the filming of famous movies such as “John Wick”, “The Amazing Spider-man 2”, and “Legally Blonde”, among others. 

Regarding this, others argue that these projects don’t include provocative scenes, and so is a separate matter from “Easy”. 

le sserafim huh yunjin

At the moment, criticisms at LE SSERAFIM has intensified after 2 members, Huh Yunjin and Sakura, posted image of themselves wearing scantly in the church – with Huh Yunjin in an off-shoulder dress with a high slit and Sakura in a see-through gown that reveals her shoulder and underwear. 

Both outfits are fine in normal contexts, but not in a religious institute, people claimed. 

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