Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin cannot meet each other this Christmas weekend, but “I’m not lonely”, why?

Actress Son Ye-jin revealed how she has been spending Christmas focusing on a filming schedule.   

Son Ye jin posted on Instagram on Dec 26th, “Did you all have a good Christmas? For me, even on Christmas Eve! On Christmas, too! Today, too! I have filming schedule! Ahahaha” she laughed in her caption.

I now remember that I took a picture in front of the tree during filming to post it on Christmas. I was out of my mind,” she said. “But on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, fans and Min-jeong sent me coffee and delicious bread as gifts, so I never felt lonely. Thank you always,” she added. 

The photo drew attention with a poster saying, “Let’s play after the shoot Son Ye-jin ah~” on the bread car sent by actor Lee Min-jung.


Son Yejin said, “Min-jung, thank you! I enjoyed it so much! Let’s have fun after this! I hope you have a good 2021 which is less than a week left,” she said.

Son Ye-jin is currently filming JTBC’s next drama “Thirty, Nine” for her return after three years, following “Something in the Rain.” 

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