Solar and Moonbyul to comeback as Mamamoo+ in August 

Mamamoo+ (Mamamoo’s unit containing Solar and Moonbyul) will make a comeback in August.

On July 7, Mamamoo+ confirmed their comeback in August. It has been five months since the first single album “Act 1, Scene 1” released in March.

Solar and Moonbyul

Earlier, Mamamoo+ opened a new chapter in their group activities by releasing “Act 1 Scene 1” single by combining unique and witty messages with personal colors through various themes. Moreover, Solar and Moonbyul participated in writing lyrics and composing the songs in the album, showing off growing musical capabilities. The production of the songs is expected to bring out a unique synergy between the two Mamamoo members. 

Meanwhile, Mamamoo+ released its digital single “Better” last year and launched Mamamoo’s first unit. Since then, the duo has captured the full attention of listeners with excellent vocal capabilities and colorful performances through their first single “Act 1, Scene 1.”

Source: daum 

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