What happened ahead of EXO’s comeback? “Killing Voice” schedule canceled a day before recording

EXO’s appearance on Dingo’s “Killing Voice” has reportedly been canceled.

According to reports on June 28th, SM Entertainment canceled EXO’s recording for Dingo’s “Killing Voice” on June 27th, a day before the schedule.

The agency stated, “The members believed that there was another schedule that should be done before the comeback, so we decided to change the schedule of ‘Killing Voice’ the day before the recording. We already contacted Dingo to arrange a new schedule”.


However, an official in the entertainment industry shared that the schedule was changed because one member couldn’t participate in the recording. 

The source revealed that this member is not one of the CBX trio (Chen, Baekhyun & Xiumin) but another person who also had disagreements with SM regarding their exclusive contract before.

An insider told SBS Entertainment News, “It is highly unusual for the filming schedule to be suddenly postponed when the comeback is around the corner. It is believed to be related to the recent EXO exclusive contract disputes.

In reality, CBX recently went through conflicts with SM Entertainment, regarding their exclusive contract, but on June 3rd, they reached partial agreements. However, it is reported that the contract negotiations with the remaining members have not been concluded.

In this regard, Dingo said they are arranging another day for EXO to film “Killing Voice”.

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