SISTAR19 “60 events per month + We built a building for Starship”

On Jan 18th, SISTAR19’s Hyolyn and Bora appeared as guests on episode 23 of the YouTube content “Jaefriends” hosted by singer Kim Jaejoong.

Kim Jaejoong praised, “As a listener, my favorite songs were ‘Ma boy’ and ‘I swear’. You have so many hit songs.” He then asked, “Singers with many hit songs always succeed in concerts. Did you use to perform at events all year round or did you do it based on seasons?


Hyolyn replied, “Almost all year round. The most we did was 3~4 events a day. We’d go somewhere really far from Seoul and on our way back, we’d go to different regions. We’d be here and there.” Bora added, “College events are usually held in the evening, so we’d have 4 consecutive events in Seoul.”

Kim Jaejoong exclaimed, “That makes 50 to 60 events per month. You could say you got Starship up and running.”

He then asked, “How much contribution do you think you made for Starship’s success?” Bora confessed, “The new building… When we started, it was a one-story building. It kept growing and we ended up in a huge building.” Kim Jaejoong was amazed, “You guys did build a building for them.”

SISTAR19 recently made a comeback after 11 years and is actively promoting their new release “NO MORE (MA BOY)”, which came out on Jan 16th.

Source: Nate

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