BTS V’s turbulent solo appearance at Celine event – controversial attitude and outfit?

BLACKPINK Lisa, BTS V, and Park Bo Gum recently went to Paris together for a fashion show. However, unlike his two companions, V found himself amid various controversies.

The recent Celine fashion show in Paris, France, made various headlines with the appearance of top Korean stars BLACKPINK’s Lisa, BTS’s V, and Park Bo Gum. However, while all three boast outstanding visuals, V alone found himself under the ire of netizens for his outfit, language skill, and alleged “bad attitude”. 

bts v

On June 24th, V, alongside Lisa and actor Park Bo Gum, showed up at the Incheon International Airport before departing for Paris. While all three were dressed casually, their visuals shined through. However, while Bo Gum and Lisa are both praised for nice everyday attire, V’s outfit drew disappointment. 

In particular, the male idol showed up in a while tanktop, leopard-print shirt, and flared pants, which failed to highlight V’s height and physique. In addition, V’s combination of flared pants with heels was said to be ill-fitted.

According to several netizens, V’s flared pants and heels were “not chic”

Then, after arriving in Paris, V continued to post more photos of himself on his personal Instagram, now dressed in an eye-catching pair of yellow shorts. While the fit seemed comfortable and fitting for a flight, it displeased many people.

In particular, several netizens commented that V’s outfit was “ruggish” and “disrespectful” of the luxury brand Celine. However, many others counter this opinion, saying that V was personally invited by Celine’s director, and that he was not obliged to dress up, especially for a long plane ride. 

V changed into a pair of yellow shorts and slip ons in his photo with Celine’s private jet 
Against netizens’ criticisms, fans of V defended that the male idol just wanted to be comfy, especially on such a long flight

On June 28th, V returned to Korea together with Lisa and Park Bo Gum after completing their schedules. The difference in their attitudes when they walked out of the airport has started a controversy. 

Specifically, Lisa and Park Bo Gum drew praise for greeting reporters and fans by waving, doing heart poses, and bowing 90-degree with bright expressions. On the contrary, V sparked criticism for getting into the car immediately without even looking or greeting reporters and fans who were waiting for him. His cold attitude was called out by many netizens for being arrogant and disrespectful.

The difference in attitudes between V, Lisa, and Park Bo Gum when they arrived in Korea
bts v
V ignored reporters and fans and got straight into the car 

To defend V, fans quickly spread a video of the male idol waving through his car’s window to greet fans. However, this is not enough to reduce the criticism he’s been receiving. 

bts v
V waved through the window when he was leaving the airport 

Shortly after he left the airport, V posted an apology on the fan community Weverse, saying sorry to the reporters and fans for getting into the car right away. However, netizens were still annoyed by V’s apology and claimed he should have posted it on a public platform where everyone could see. 

V apologized on Weverse

A recent post on V’s Instagram also created a stir. Posting a photo of him taken on the streets of Paris, V captioned, “In the paris”, which was grammatically incorrect. This caused the male idol to receive criticism for his English. V later took down this photo. 

bts v
V made a grammar mistake in a now deleted Instagram post

As one of BTS’s most popular members, V can’t help but come under netizens’ scrutiny for everything he does. V’s Paris trip brought him massive attention which includes both compliments and controversy. 

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