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“Single’s Inferno” season 3 begins recruiting cast members 

“Single’s Inferno”, a reality dating show which features a group of attractive single men and women living together in a house, has been renewed for season 3.

On March 6th, the official Instagram account of Netflix Korea posted, “We’re recruiting hot singles to join the third season of ‘Single’s Inferno.’

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Those interested in auditioning for season 3 can apply through the official Instagram profile of Netflix Korea, where they will need to provide basic information such as their name, birthdate, gender, contact information, and current residence. 

Applicants will also need to answer questions about their relationship status, email and social media addresses, occupation, and any prior experience with dating.

In addition, applicants need to write whether they have experience appearing on TV shows including online content, and to describe the motivation for application.

As the show features attractive and physically fit individuals, applicants will also need to submit front-facing and full-body photos. 

Single Inferno

With news of “Single’s Inferno” recruiting for Season 3, many netizens have expressed excitement and a desire to apply.

In Season 1 of “Single’s Inferno,” YouTuber Freezia appeared and received a lot of attention, while Season 2 featured Kim Jin Young, a former soldier for the Korean navy special forces, and Lee Nadine, a student at Harvard University, gaining great popularity. The show has been praised for its diverse casting, and it has become a popular entertainment option for young Koreans.

singles inferno

The popularity of “Single’s Inferno” has also helped to boost the profile of Netflix in Korea, as more and more people are subscribing to the streaming service to watch the latest episodes.

Especially for Season 3 of “Single’s Inferno,” new locations and rules that were not present in previous series are expected to be added, building anticipation among viewers.

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