SinB wrote her last letter to Moonbin, “I’m the only one who is growing old now… Let’s have a real fight when we meet again”

VIVIZ SinB left a touching letter at the memorial space of the late Moonbin, her best friend.

On April 27th, VIVIZ SinB left her letter at Moobin’s memorial space in front of Fantagio’s office building. Moonbin and SinB have been close friends since their childhood.

In her letter, SinB wrote, “How’s it going there? Does it have all the things you like? I hope it does. We’ve known each other for a really long time, right? Ever since we were kids. But after knowing each other for 18 years, I wonder what made me feel so shy that I couldn’t say any nice words to you? I regret it so much”, adding “Seeing me from your place, you may be sighing and wondering why I am being like this, but please understand me.”

She continued, “Bin ah, I will take care of Sua, aunt, and uncle as you had always asked me to do. So don’t worry about anything now and live for your happiness only. Bin ah, I was so happy to be with you when we were kids, in my teens and also my 20s. I thought we would grow old together, and until we became grandmother and grandfather. I guess I’m the only person who is growing old now. At that place, you can watch me grow old, laugh at me, and tease me as much as you can! Let’s have a real fight when we meet again.”

Lastly, she said, “Bin ah. Just by being yourself, you gave me strength and were such a dependable and precious friend to me. I’m sorry that I’m only saying this now… If someone asks me who my closest friend is, I will answer without hesitation that it’s you, just like I always have! Bin ah, you are so cool and I’m proud of you. I will come to see you often, rest in peace”, conveying her deep affection.

On the other hand, Moonbin passed away suddenly on April 19th. On April 22nd, at the memorial space to mourn Moonbin, ASTRO members, as well as his close friends, such as Seungkwan and fellow SEVENTEEN members, left messages of condolence. In addition, VIVIZ SinB also paid tribute to him with a handwritten letter.

Source: Nate

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