Ahn Bo Hyun held Shin Hye Sun’s hand and shed tears, “Don’t go” (See You in My 19th Life)

In a new episode of “See You in My 19th Life”, Ahn Bo Hyun held Shin Hye Sun’s hand and revealed his trauma while crying.

In episode 4 of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “See You in My 19th Life”, which aired on June 25th, Moon Seo Ha (Ahn Bo Hyun) was increasingly attracted to Ban Ji Eum (Shin Hye Sun) and recalled his first love Yoon Joo Won.

Ban Ji Eum took Yoon Cho Won (Ha Yoon Kyung), the younger sister of her previous life Yoon Joo Won, home and cried after seeing her mother. When meeting eyes with Moon Seo Ha, she called him “Seo Ha” then corrected, “Director Moon, it’s me, Ban Ji Eum. This Ban Ji Eum really likes you. I like you.

When Yoon Cho Won’s mother came out, Moon Seo Ha ran holding Ban Ji Eum’s hand. Ban Ji Eum said, “You have soft hands.” Moon Seo Ha made an excuse, “We were just in a rush. That’s the only reason why I held your hand.” Ban Ji Eum explained the situation, “Yoon Cho Won was very drunk, so I dropped her off at her place. Then I saw her mother. I was reminded of my mom who left me when I was little.

When Moon Seo Ha apologized “I’m sorry“, Ban Ji Eum replied, “Why are you sorry about my mom running away? I was too busy making ends meet to feel sad. Family members don’t always have to live under the same roof. We have our own lives to live. At times, an enemy from your past life becomes your family in the present. In that case, it’s best to just cut ties with them.

Ban Ji Eum then asked Moon Seo Ha to have a second round at a convenience store, ate cup noodles and said, “You smile a lot in front of me these days.” When Moon Seo Ha asked “Why are you so interested in me smiling?“, Ban Ji Eum replied, “Because that’s why I was reborn this time.” Moon Seo Ha remembered that Yoon Joo Won once said, “This isn’t my first go at life.”

Moon Seo Ha told Ban Ji Eum, “You’re really funny and weird.” Ban Ji Eum responded, “From now on, let me know when you think of me. So I can congratulate you. You’ve become a fan of mine.” Moon Seo Ha denied it, but Ban Ji Eum went on to say, “That’s usually how it is. You’re not aware of it at first, but you later realize that you’re a fan. See? Your heart is racing. You’re obviously a fan of mine. You’re in the ‘denial period’.

On the way home, Moon Seo Ha was at a loss as Ban Ji Eum’s confession came to mind. The next day, Ban Ji Eum heralded 3 confessions, “I’ll ask you 3 times from today on. If you say no every time, I’ll give you up then and there.” When Moon Seo Ha responded “Why don’t you just ask me 3 times right now? I can decline right away“, Ban Ji Eum replied, “Give me a chance. I’m confident that you won’t decline me all 3 times.

Afterwards, when Moon Seo Ha thought of Yoon Joo Won after drinking with Ban Ji Eum, he was confused, “Why does she remind me of Joo Won? There’s no resemblance at all. They look so different.” Drunk Moon Seo Ha confessed, “I was in a serious car accident when I was little. A girl I liked died while protecting me. It took a while before they got me out of the car. And I could feel her body slowly getting colder. Ever since then, it has been difficult for me to physically touch anyone.

Ban Ji Eum moved such Moon Seo Ha to home, and again this time, Moon Seo Ha felt Yoon Joo Won from Ban Ji Eum’s hand. Holding Ban Ji Eum’s hand, he shed tears, saying, “Don’t go.” Ban Ji Eum thought in pain, “Despite living so many lives, I still struggle with these moments the most. It’s when I have to let go of the person I love. Seo Ha is still living in that moment.”

Source: Nate

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