Similar Drug Addiction Symptoms Found In Both G-Dragon and Yoo Ah-in’s Drug Cases

Netizens noticed similarities in G-Dragon and Yoo Ah-in’s behaviors and raised suspicions of drug addiction symptoms

On October 25th, Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics Investigation Team announced that they were investigating G-Dragon on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act.

G-Dragon’s drug investigation added to the shock among the public due to the recent series of celebrities taking drugs. Considering the fact that G-Dragon was investigated for smoking marijuana back in 2011 and even received a suspended indictment, his involvement in another drug incident is causing great disappointment.

As such, netizens re-examined YouTube videos that raised speculations about G-Dragon’s drug uses and pointed out the changes in his appearance, his way of walking, and his facial expressions as symptoms of drug addiction. In particular, a video comparing Yoo Ah-in and G-Dragon, the main characters of the biggest drug scandals in the Korean entertainment industry, is spreading rapidly on social media.

Yoo Ah-in was accused of repeatedly administering four medical drugs, including propofol, midazolam, ketamine and remimazolam, under the guise of sleep anesthesia from September 2020 to March 2022, and getting 1,100 sleeping pills illegally prescribed in the name of others 41 times.

Right after Yoo Ah-in’s alleged habitual drug use was revealed, netizens began to suspect his exaggerated expressions and repetitive gestures as symptoms of drug addiction.

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It is noticeable that G-Dragon also looked clumsy and couldn’t stand still when appearing in public recently. He also made excessive gestures and showed anxious expressions during interviews and events.

Linking G-Dragon’s unusual behaviors with the drug incident, many people reacted that they were similar to that of Yoo Ah-in. Some commented, “Looking back on it again, their behaviors were really the same”, “He was just like Yoo Ah-in”, “(Drug addiction symptoms) They were all shown”, “G-Dragon’s drug addiction seems to be worse than that of Yoo Ah-in”, etc.

Source: Daum

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