How did Knets react to the dating news of G-Dragon and Jennie?

The relationship between G-Dragon and Jennie is enthusiastically supported by Korean netizens, from their fandoms to the public

On February 24, Kpop fans were surprised by the dating news of G-Dragon (BIGBANG) and Jennie (BLACKPINK). While G-Dragon is known as the “king of Kpop”, Jennie is a member of the world’s number 1 girl group.  Of course,  the dating news of these two famous artists is so interested by netizens and the media around the world.

Knets react to the dating news of G-Dragon and Jennie

There is an opinion that the dating news will have a lot of influence on both their careers, especially Jennie.  The female idol is still active with BLACKPINK, the number one girl group in the world at the moment, and also has a huge fan base. Netizens worry that many fans will betray Jennie for their selfishness. When Jennie was at the peak of her career, many people thought that dating news would make it difficult for Jennie and BLACKPINK  in the future.

Knets react to the dating news of G-Dragon and Jennie

However, in reality, things don’t seem to be like what everyone thinks.  This was the second time that Jennie was caught up in dating news, people were no longer shocked.  Knets in general and BLINKs (fandom of BLACKPINK) in particular all give enthusiastic support to the new couple.

-When I read the article, the only thing in my mind was whether I should buy the Nike jacket that Jennie wore or not.

– At first, I felt sorry for them because I thought they were both famous stars, I worried that things would go crazy but it seemed like everyone was just like that for … 3 seconds?  It all ended with everyone cursing Dispatch!

– Jennie, I just need to see you, please upload a new video on your YouTube channel!

– Fans only worry about Jennie’s mental health

– Please protect Kim Jennie’s private life.

 – All the fans are waiting for YouTube (Jennie’s) …

 – Every time I look at Jennie’s Instagram, I feel healed!

 – It looks like Jennie will be shocked, so worried about her

Knets react to the dating news of G-Dragon and Jennie

As can be seen, the netizens and Jennie’s fans all gave enthusiastic support to the female idol when the news of her relationship with G-Dragon appeared.  Because the most important thing that fans want is that idols can be happy. These are positive and must-have thoughts in the idol culture, fortunately, Jennie’s fans understand this.  So, instead of the negative comments for Jennie, now she can rest assured that her fans all love and support her.

Knets react to the dating news of G-Dragon and Jennie

What fans are worried about is that perhaps Jennie will not appear in front of the media for a while.  Although the fans enthusiastically support her, it does not mean that there will be no negative news. This can affect the mental health of the female idol born in 1996 when Jennie is a very sensitive girl.  She was famous from a very young age and faced a lot of criticism.  That’s why fans and the public are so worried about Jennie.

In particular, after the dating news with Kai (EXO) in 2019, Jennie did not appear for a long time, so it is likely that she will be the same this time.  BLACKPINK fans probably won’t be able to see her vlog on the Jennierubyjane Official YouTube channel in the near future.

Knets react to the dating news of G-Dragon and Jennie

Because of such negative influences on Jennie, according to fans, the one who was most criticized after this news broke out seemed like … Dispatch. This news site has been repeatedly criticized for having followed Jennie for such a long time since the female idol was in a relationship with Kai (EXO) until now.  Meanwhile, what Korean netizens are most paying attention to are idols’ bullying scandals.  Therefore, the fact that Dispatch revealed the relationship of the two superstars is no different to cover up news that deserves more attention. 

Knets react to the dating news of G-Dragon and Jennie

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