Shocking current status between Loona Chuu and Blockberry Creative

The recent status of the relationship between Loona Chuu and her agency Blockberry Creative has been revealed, causing regret.

On Sep 14th, a post titled Loona Chuu‘s shocking recent status” was uploaded on the online community “Fomos”.

The post included a screenshot of Chuu’s reply to a fan’s question on the fandom platform “Fab”.


A fan asked Chuu, “Jiwoo (Chuu’s real name), can you receive the letter I send you through the agency? I’m working hard on it…” Chuu replied, “Fans’ letters often can’t go to Blockberry Creative. I can receive (letters) if the company opens the door when I stop by once a month or every two months.”

Blockberry Creative is the place where Chuu directly applied for an injunction to suspend the validity of her exclusive contract in December last year, and has been her agency since debut.

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Fans who followed Chuu’s schedules claimed that Chuu was not properly treated as an artist by her agency. According to fans, Chuu has not received the most basic treatment since May, such as vehicle support, when carrying out schedules.

According to fans’ testimony, Chuu’s agency did not provide a car for each individual schedule, so she had to take a taxi and carry all her luggage to work on her own. It is known that there was a time when a program’s PD personally came out to see her off as no one did this after the recording.

loona chuu

Even after the new album was released, the agency changed other members’ portal site profile pictures while maintaining Chuu’s old profile picture. As fans continued to pour out criticism, Chuu’s profile picture was reportedly changed.

Earlier, the agency was known to have not paid internal choreographers or outsourcing companies due to severe financial difficulties, sparking controversy. When the article came out, Loona’s choreographer A complained on Instagram that he/she did not receive the money he/she was supposed to receive due to financial difficulties, but still worked to keep his/her promise.

It is presumed that the reason for Chuu’s taking legal action against the agency at that time was due to the non-payment of the adjusted amount caused by financial difficulties. In this regard, the agency did not reveal their exact position.

Accordingly, there were rumors that Chuu was leaving her agency, but this turned out to be false.

Source: wikitree

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