“High School Rapper 4” & “Show Me The Money 9” rapper under investigation on charges of smoking marijuana

A rapper who competed on Mnet’s “High School Rapper” and “Show Me The Money” series is investigated for taking drugs.

According to Channel A on June 29th, Seoul Mapo Police Station is investigating rapper A on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act.

A is accused of smoking marijuana while going on a trip with an acquaintance last March. Therefore, the police recently investigated the acquaintance on suspicion of smoking marijuana with A. 

Since A refused to cooperate with the investigation, the police reportedly applied for an arrest warrant on June 28th. However, the court rejected it, stating, “There is no sign of escape or destruction of evidence”.

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The police confirmed that A has previous records of violating the Narcotics Control Act, and are currently continuing the investigation.

A has been identified as a rapper who made his face known to the public after appearing in “Show Me The Money 9” and “High School Rapper 4”.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time rappers on hip-hop audition programs have caused controversies over drug use.

Show Me The Money

Earlier in March, Gyeongsan Police Station booked a rapper in his 20s, who was revealed to have joined “High School Rapper” and “Show Me The Money” series, on charges of taking drugs. Hair and urine tests were also conducted.

In addition, Bully Da Ba$tard, a rapper who appeared on similar programs, was sentenced to four years in prison for drug use in February. The rapper shocked everyone when he admitted to having taken drugs since 2013.

Source: Wikitree

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