Hwasa explains reason for joining P NATION, “Psy sent me a song when I faced harsh criticism”

MAMAMOO Hwasa revealed the behind story of her exclusive contract with Psy’s agency P NATION

The new broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star”, which is scheduled to air on the evening of September 6th, features Koyote Kim Jong Min & Bbaekga, John Park, Hwasa, and Hong Sung Min as guests. 

Hwasa will release her new digital single “I Love My Body” at 6 p.m. on the same day. This marks Hwasa’s first solo music release after two years and her first song after joining P NATION, the agency established by singer Psy.

Hwasa Psy P-Nation

The female singer confessed that the decisive reason that led her to join hands with Psy was the song “I Love My Body” Psy sent to her before she signed the exclusive contract. She shared, “Many people cursed and criticized me harshly… But I burst into laughter right after seeing the song’s title. The song changed my gloomy heart and I loved it.” 

Hwasa Psy P-Nation

Hwasa also told the behind-the-scenes story of the moment she signed the exclusive contract in front of the audience at Psy’s concert, raising viewers’ curiosity

“This is the No.1 condition in the contract with P NATION”, she said, “Psy is very serious when it comes to choreography”. She also added that her new song “I Love My Body” also has exciting choreography.

The MAMAMOO member also talked about her past collaboration with Park Jin Young and her friendship with Lee Hyo Ri. Known for her unique fashion sense, Hwasa then picked the “sausage outfit” she wore during the concert in German as the “tight” costume that suited her the most.

Hwasa Psy P-Nation

The full “Radio Star” broadcast with Hwasa’s stories will air on September 6th.

Source: Daum

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