Jung Yong Hwa Mentions “Ex-Wife” Seohyun and Shares “We Got Married” Memories

CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa sent support to Girls’ Generation Seohyun, his former “virtual” wife.

On September 20th, during Jung Yong Hwa’s guesting on SBS Power FM’s ‘Kim Young Chul’s Power FM,’ DJ Kim Young Chul mentioned the reality variety show “We Got Married” that Jung Yong Hwa was on in the past with Seohyun, asking “Do you sometimes keep in touch with Seohyun?”

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To this, Jung Yong Hwa honestly confessed, “In reality, we can’t contact each other. I’m supporting her.” Upon hearing this, DJ Kim Young Chul requested him to give a message to Seohyun, and Jung Yong Hwa conveyed to Seohyun, “I’m always cheering for you. Fighting!”

Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun had a virtual marriage on MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ in 2010. At that time, both of them were leading idols in the K-pop industry, and their married life on the show received immense love from fans worldwide.

Recently, Jung Yong Hwa unexpectedly revealed behind-the-scenes stories from his ‘We Got Married’ era.

Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun had worn matching rings on ‘We Got Married,’ but during a live broadcast of CNBLUE’s comeback, Jung Yong Hwa’s ring disappeared.

Jung Yong Hwa mentioned, “We were on ‘We Got Married’ for about a year and a half.” He reminisced, “I even wore the ring when I showered because it was a cheap ring we bought at a pawnshop. It corroded because it was cheap. It wasn’t lost. We showed it on the broadcast right after it ended when we were searching for it.”

He also confessed about the atmosphere during the filming of ‘We Got Married’ at that time. He said, “As for what kind of filming ‘We Got Married’ was at the time… There was a script. But we didn’t know about it.”

He continued, “When we sat on the couch to start, there were no instructions from the production team. From there, it was the two of us. Whether we took a bus or a taxi, it was our own doing.” Jung Yong Hwa also drew attention by saying, “When I appeared on ‘We Got Married’ with Seohyun, both of us were very busy. We only slept for two hours a week.”

On this day’s ‘Kim Young Chul’s Power FM,’ Jung Yong Hwa shared various stories and communicated with the listeners.

When asked about his secrets for maintaining his looks, Jung Yong Hwa said, “In my opinion, when I debuted at the age of 21, many people said I didn’t look like I was 21. They said I looked like an adult. Now, it seems like my age finally matches my look.” About his self-care routine, he explained, “I exercise, and I try to keep up with videos from younger people. I also take care of my skin.”

Jung Yong Hwa recently released his second mini-album ‘YOUR CITY’ with the title track ‘Your City.’ He has been creating a buzz by showcasing his powerful live skills on stages at universities such as Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul National University, Hongik University, and Kookmin University’s festivals.

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