Shinsadong Tiger’s Funeral To Be Held Today (Feb 25th), Thank You And RIP

Famous producer Shinsadong Tiger (real name Lee Ho-yang) passed away at 41 years old.

The funeral of Shinsadong Tiger will be held behind closed doors at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital in the afternoon at the request of the bereaved family. The ceremony will also be held quietly with family and fellow colleagues attending.

Shinsadong tiger was found dead in a studio by an acquaintance on February 23rd. No specific cause of death has been confirmed, but police said no criminal evidence have been found.

Shinsadong Tiger

The music industry is in a state of shock. Shinsadong Tiger has been a musician and producer of hit songs for idol groups for nearly 20 years since the mid-2000s. He has still been participating in comebacks of idol groups such as TAN in addition to his agency’s girl group TRI.BE until the day of his death.

The day when the news of the deceased’s death was announced was also the day TRI.BE made a comeback on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” after a year-long hiatus, adding to the sadness. At the comeback showcase of their second mini-album “W.A.Y,” they used to share, “We often received feedback from producer Shinsadong Horang. If there was an unfamiliar pronunciation part, he recorded it himself and gave us advice,” introducing their specific work process. Who would have thought one morning the group would have to face the pain of letting the producer go.

Some speculative personal circumstances have been raised over the death of Shinsadong Tiger, but Internet users seem to focus more on regreting the life of the deceased, who made an era enjoyable with numerous music.

Shinsadong Tiger’s music career is as glamorous as it should be. Debuting in 2005, he made T-Arab’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep,” “Roly Poly,” 4Minute’s “Hot Issue,” “Muzik,” Beast’s “Shock,” “Fiction,” Apink’s “No No No,” “Remember,” EXID’s “Up and Down,” “DDD” and Momoland’s “Bboom Bboom.”

Shinsadong Tiger

He was the CEO of AB Entertainment and the CEO producer of Banana Culture Entertainment, and recently worked as the CEO of TR Entertainment and the producer of girl group TRI.BE. He also worked on a new album of boy group TAN, which was scheduled to make a comeback in March, even until the day before his death.

As a result, the news of the death was especially commemorated by members of second generation groups. Many girl group members, including Eunjung and Soyeon from T-ara, Nam Ji-hyun from 4Minute, Jei from Fiesta expressed their condolences.

As a hit song maker, he was a musician who had a genuine heart for music. An acquaintance of the producer recalled his sincerity and humanity, saying, “In his life, he was busy with his schedules going back and forth, releasing hit songs one after another, but he never hesitated to ask for advice and encouragement from his juniors.” Thanks to him, we had a lot of fun as K-pop listeners.

Source: eDaily

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