BLACKPINK was scheduled to perform with Cardi B at the online concert, but in the end, the plan was canceled.

Fans were almost able to see BLACKPINK perform Bet You Wanna – a song featuring Cardi B’s at THE SHOW.

When BLACKPINK released their first full album THE ALBUM, Bet You Wanna was one of the most popular songs because of its strong melody.  This is also the song that BLACKPINK collabs with the popular female rapper Cardi B.  Therefore, fans always hope to see them perform this song on stage, unfortunately, it did not come true at the online concert THE SHOW held on January 31st.

However, it seems that BLACKPINK originally intended to perform Bet You Wanna at THE SHOW.  Recently, the company’s CEO in charge of designing the group’s concert stage has posted behind-the-scenes pictures, including their stage draft.  Fans quickly realized that the words “Bet You Wanna”.

BLACKPINK was scheduled to perform with Cardi B

As planned, the collab song with Cardi B will be performed after Playing With Fire and before Lovesick Girls.  However, for unknown reasons, the song “Bet You Wanna” was canceledin the end.  During the concert, BLACKPINK performed Lovesick Girls right after Playing With Fire

The fact that BLACKPINK decided to cancel the stage of Bet You Wanna makes fans regret.  Before that everyone thought 4 girls would perform all the songs of THE ALBUM.  The collaboration with the owner of WAP was more and more expected, promising to be an explosive performance because of its quality.

However, some people think that BLACKPINK canceled the stage of Bet You Wanna because it will be controversial if they choose this song while not performing Ice Cream – the collab song with Selena Gomez and is one of the singles paving the way for the full album.

BLACKPINK was scheduled to perform with Cardi B
BLACKPINK was scheduled to perform with Cardi B
BLACKPINK was scheduled to perform with Cardi B

Fan comments:

 – What?  This is one of the songs I have been waiting for the most

 – I am also extremely looking forward to it!  I thought they would sing all the songs from THE ALBUM, but the setlist is perfect nonetheless.  Hopefully, in the future, they can perform it live with Cardi B.

 – Well, it would be controversial if they performed this song and skipped Ice Cream.

The only combined song that BLACKPINK performed at THE SHOW was Sour Candy – a product in Lady Gaga’s Chromatica album that the 4 girls had the honor to contribute to.  However, since Lady Gaga could not be present, BLACKPINK had to perform by themselves, filling her void with choreography.  Therefore, fans hope that in the future, the YG girl group will have the opportunity to stand on stage with the cult singers they have collaborated with.

Sources: Kenh14

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