Yoo Chae-hee and Jeon Jin-seo, who appear in Chinese drama “Two Men”, attracted attention with their perfect chemistry

China’s rising star Hu Shiqun and rookie actress Yoo Chae-hee were cast as the male and female leads in “Two Men”

The recently revealed still cuts feature Yoo Chae-hee and actor Jeon Jin-seo, who play twin siblings in the drama, portraying their lively chemistry.

Yoo Chae-hee, who previously won the “2018 LBMA International Model Awards Fashion Model Rising Star Award” and showcased versatility through events like “Comic Con Seoul Kids Cosplay Parade” and “Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Junior Fashion Show”, raises anticipation for her performance in “Two Men”.

Yoo Chae-hee

Jeon Jin-seo, known for his roles in dramas like SBS’s “The Legend of the Blue Sea”, tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine” and KBS 2TV’s “The Tale of Nokdu”, has steadily built his acting skills. He gained recognition after appearing as Lee Jun-yeong, Ji Seon-u (Kim Hee-ae)’s son, in JTBC’s “The World of the Married”.

Meanwhile, “Two Men” has completed filming and is scheduled to meet viewers on a Chinese OTT platform around January next year.

Source: Wikitree

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