SHINee’s Key “I know marketing for album couldn’t appeal to everyone in the nation”

SHINee’s Key attracted a lot of attention with his heartfelt remarks that consider fans

On Oct 22nd, a video titled “Good & Great Company new product launch conference” was uploaded through SHINee’s official YouTube channel.

In this video, Key spent time discussing various topics with fans related to his new album. When asked about his thoughts on trying various marketing, Key replied, “I know that marketing for album couldn’t appeal to everyone in the nation. But to certain communities and at least by ourselves, it had to be fun.”

He continued, “You know, people who don’t care about me don’t care if I used Notion or decorated my office. When I tell them objectively, would they know? I don’t think they would. It would be nice if it appeals to many people. But it’s just to make it fun. I wanted all of you to think it’s fun. Also, it’s for people in other communities. I didn’t want them to say, he isn’t from a team I like. I wanted it to be something that even those who are fans of other idol singers could like. And I think they like it.”

He added “I appreciate all the positive feedback, even if you didn’t mean to say it in a sincere way. More people have started to say they are more jealous of our fans compared to before. So, I think it’s quite successful“, drawing applause from fans.

shinee key

Key, who has been continuously active in solo and group activities as well as variety shows, has established himself as an “icon of hard work”.

In a recent appearance on JTBC’s “Newsroom”, Key shared his characteristic positive mindset, “Even if the results aren’t good, if I prepared diligently and put my heart into it, I think I’ve gained something.”

He also revealed his constant efforts to follow trends and the satisfaction he finds in staying busy, saying, “Everyone asks if I ever get tired, but I really enjoy it.”

shinee key

Netizens are adding their voices of support to the moves of Key, who remains humble despite his many years in the industry. Key’s dedication and diverse activities have earned him a place as an icon who demonstrates his presence in various ways, garnering the public’s love.

Source: Nate

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