Shin Se-kyung withdraws remarks on remaining single and ideal type “I still can’t believe I said that! I was too young”

On Jan 25th, a video titled “Dex’s Fridge interview l EP.17 Shin Se-kyung” was posted on the YouTube channel “117”.

Regarding her past remark of “I’m not going to get married until I travel the world“, Shin Se-kyung explained, “I was very surprised myself. I still can’t believe I said that. I think I was too young.

shin sekyung

She then said, “To say you won’t get married until you travel the world means you’re not going to get married.” When Dex asked “Are you officially taking it back on Fridge Interview?“, she replied “Let’s say it never happened. I didn’t even know I said that“, causing laughter.

Furthermore, Shin Se-kyung, who once mentioned Optimus Prime as her ideal type, explained, “I had a reason why I said that. At the time, when they ask you what you look for in a man or woman during the interview, you would say a specific name of a celebrity like, the actor this and that then the next day, it’s on the headlines! But then it’s not like I asked for his agreement or anything you know? It gets awkward!

She continued, “That’s why I decided I would never let that happen. I think I did a great job, actually. But I think it’s time to take that back. I think so, I’m old enough now.”

shin sekyung

To Dex’s question “So what do you look for in a man, now?“, she revealed, “I think I like someone who works out.” When Dex said “I’m curious about the appearance“, she shared, “Appearance is really hard. I don’t think the appearance is something that attracts me. Actually, let me take that back. Because I just thought that what if I get married in the future and my husband is good looking! They are going to bring this video back, and there’s me saying appearance is not something that attracts me. I don’t want to see that. I take that back.”

Meanwhile, Shin Se-kyung is currently starring as Kang Hee-soo, a woman who disguises herself as a man and becomes a spy to take revenge, in the ongoing tvN drama “Captivating the King”.

Source: Daum

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