Kim Soo Hyun and Song Ji Hyo take over Lee Seung Gi and Jo Bo Ah’s post

Taking over the baton of Lee Seung Gi and Jo Bo Ah, Kim Soo Hyun and Song Ji Hyo are appointed as public relations ambassadors for the National Tax Service.

On March 3rd, on the 57th Taxpayer’s Day, the National Tax Service held a commemorative ceremony by inviting about 1,000 people, including exemplary taxpayers, at COEX in Seoul under the slogan of “Sincere tax payment, strong finances”.

kim soo hyun

Here, President Yoon Seok Yeol, who attended the ceremony for the first time in 53 years, and National Tax Service Commissioner Kim Chang Ki congratulated the corporations that were awarded the titles of Taxpayer Tower, Model Taxpayer and Tax Cooperator.

The National Tax Service also sent congratulatory messages to 1,035 recipients of the Model Taxpayer award across the country to express their gratitude, whilst tax offices held commemorative events to hand over citations for exemplary taxpayers and an event to thank visitors.

song ji hyo

In addition, the National Tax Service plans to present the right to attend the “KBS Open Concert” to model taxpayers, and appoint celebrities Kim Soo Hyun and Song Ji Hyo, who were selected as model taxpayers, as public relations ambassadors.

lee seung gi

With this, Kim Soo Hyun and Song Ji Hyo will take over the posts of previous ambassadors, Lee Seung Gi and Jo Bo Ah, to attract active public participation in the national tax administration and participate in various promotional activities to spread the culture of sincere tax payment.

Source: Nate

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