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Shin Hyun Joon “Kang Ho Dong, stay at my father’s funeral until the end and take care of my acquaintances”

Actor Shin Hyun Joon revealed Kang Ho Dong’s beautiful story.

In episode 370 of JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros“, which aired on Feb 11th, Shin Hyun Joon, Kim Min Kyung and Lee Moon Sik, the main actors of the movie “The Assassin” (director Kwak Jeong Deok), appeared as guests.

Shin Hyun-joon Knowinh Bros

On this day, Shin Hyun Joon revealed Kang Ho Dong‘s beautiful story. Shin Hyun Joon recalled, “My father passed away. I have 3 older sisters and I’m the only son. It was very difficult. Ho Dong stayed with us until the end. He even took care of my acquaintances.”

Shin Hyun-joon Knowinh Bros

This is a story Kim Hee Chul knows. Kim Hee Chul added that Kang Ho Dong has a talent for bringing people together. Shin Hyun Joon confessed, “Kang Ho Dong stayed with us until the end back then. I’m so grateful to Ho Dong.”

Meanwhile, Shin Hyun Joon’s father passed away in 2014.

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