Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min to Star in Rom-Com Drama ‘Cinderella at Two O’Clock’

Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min are taking on the lead roles in the drama ‘Cinderella at Two O’Clock’. 

According to a Star News exclusive report on August 25th, it has been confirmed that Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min have been cast in the new drama ‘Cinderella at Two O’Clock’ (literal title).

shin hyun been

‘Cinderella at Two O’Clock’ is a romantic comedy based on a webtoon of the same name. It tells the love story of a regular woman who prioritizes protecting herself and a third-generation chaebol heir who believes that protecting love is equivalent to protecting himself.

Shin Hyun Been portrays Ha Yoon Seo, a confident and self-assured woman who never loses her composure thanks to her self-confidence. Ha Yoon Seo is beautiful, has a good personality, excels at her job, earns money well, and seems perfect in every aspect except for her inability to date. She works as a manager in the card company’s brand marketing team.

Moon Sang Min

Moon Sang Min plays Seo Joo Won, who has great looks, physical attractiveness, and a gentle personality. Seo Joo Won is a new employee in Ha Yoon Seo’s team, but in reality, he is the son of the company’s president.

Shin Hyun Been is also appearing in ‘Tell Me You Love Me’. ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ depicts the fateful story of Cha Jin Woo (played by Jung Woo Sung), a hearing-impaired individual who expresses emotions through drawings, and Jung Mo Eun (Shin Hyun Been), who conveys feelings through her voice. The drama is based on a Japanese melodrama that aired on TBS in 1995, which won various awards including Best Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, and Best Actress at the Japan TV Drama Academy Awards.

Meanwhile, Moon Sang Min is currently filming for tvN’s ‘Wedding Impossible’. ‘Wedding Impossible’ portrays a romance involving a chaebol heir and a struggling unknown actress preparing for a fake marriage. Moon Sang Min and Jeon Jong Seo are starring in this series.

Source: daum.

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